Kid’s Corner

The National Literary Network organization strongly promotes education and literacy. Our program consists of activities that keep kids active and motivated to excel in academics while having fun. Our kids’ corner is located on the entire second floor of the museum. Kids can enjoy games, face painting, treats and our annual free book giveaway. There will be a story telling and lecture session every top of the hour by our participating children’s authors.

Spoken Word Hour

Register for Our Spoken Word Hour


Going on its second year here at the BUBF our poetry hour has turned out to be one of the highlights of the festival. Are you a poet who wants to be heard? Do you have a voice that can move a crowd? Register today, it’s free, just fill out the application form. Please be advised that all applicants will not be chosen, applicants talents will be judged and voted on by the committee of the Baltimore Poets society.

Remember space is limited, all poet registration ends May 15,2012

Headlining Poets

Anthony Tyrone Pressley  Poet, Baltimore Poets Society Founder 
Monda Raquel Webb Author, Publisher, Marketing Expert, and Experienced Producer