Angela Stanton

Angela Stanton


Angela Stanton was born gifted with the ability to captivate people with her words. She is a dynamic motivational speaker and author that has inspired her audiences by her own life’s challenges. Angela was born in Cheverly, M.D. and moved to Buffalo, N.Y. at the age of six weeks.

Angela attended more than thirteen different elementary and high schools before she finally ended up in an alternative school. After being expelled from alternative education she ended up in evening school , then after being expelled from there it was ruled that she could never attend another school in the state of New York.

Angela was sexually and mentally abused beginning at the tender age of five. She first ran away at the age of nine, then subsequently left home for good at the age of twelve.

Angela has endured many of life’s heartaches ranging from promiscuity, drug’s, mental and physical abuse. She has also been arrested over twenty times. Angela is now a married mother of five and a three time convicted felon, who now resides in Atlanta, G.A. with four of her children. She gave birth to her fifth child in prison handcuffed to a bed. She also lost her mother and grandmother to death during her incarceration.

Instead of succumbing to all of her misfortunes in life, she uses her experience in life’s lessons to help other’s overcome. Her story is gripping and her concern is sincere. Along those lines, Angela is the author of Life Beyond These walls and Lies of a real housewife. She is also the founder of Don’t Ask Just Tell which is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness about sexual abuse. Her life is having a profound impact in halfway houses, youth detention centers and on the unsuspecting. Angela’s client list includes satisfied customers from the corporate, civic, faith-based, correctional systems, and school sectors