What Is The Baltimore Urban Book Festival

The mission of the Baltimore Urban Book Festival is to cultivate an environment where cultural book authors and readers have an annual opportunity to celebrate literature in a setting that encourages,educates and entertains everyone from the new reader learning phonics to the full fledged book worm.

The Baltimore Urban Book Fest (BUBF) was formulated by Author Chris Hicks, to bring awareness to our communities through reading, learning and building stronger families. BUBF is in association with many charitable organizations including the Greater Baltimore Leadership Association and Big Brother/Big Sister Central of Maryland. Some of the proceeds from this event will go to benefit Ben Carson’s Reading Rooms Program which provides funding and support to local schools so that they can create a nurturing environment for a child to feel safe and secure as they develop their reading skills. The Ben Carson Reading Project also brings students and families together to raise the awareness of the importance of re-contribute to The Fredrick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park a program of the Living Classroom Foundation, in support of their Voyage of Exploration a science, technology, engineering, and math program (STEM).